The numbers are still coming in, but merchants such as Petcube say the two-day sales event exceeded expectations.

Andrey Klen is pleased with how things went for his company on during Prime Day this year. The co-founder and chief marketing officer of Petcube said “Prime Day performed much better in comparison to the previous year. Compared to an average day, we’ve seen a double-digit multiple on sales. We were able to beat optimistic high growth projections on our main product.”

That product is Petcube Cam, a wifi camera that allows people to watch and interact with their pets remotely.


The Petcube cam won a “Best Deal” designation from Amazon during the Prime Day sales event, boosting sales of the watch-your-pet-when-you’re-not-home device.

Klen told Digital Commerce 360 that his company “managed to get the ‘Best Deal’ offer for Petcube Cam” from Amazon. That ensured that large numbers of shoppers were exposed to the product. “And we were lucky it was applied during the first day of Prime.”

Klen said sales numbers suggest that shoppers were excited about Prime Day this year and had planned purchases of Petcube products well in advance of the two-day sales event.


“We had lower conversion a couple of days prior to Prime Day followed by the massive explosion for the first hours on the date. Most likely, people were adding the products to the cart beforehand,” Klen said.

Amazon is No. 3 in Digital Commerce 360’s new 2023 Global Online Marketplaces Report. It ranks the 100 largest global marketplaces by 2022 third-party GMV.

Prime Day success

Doing well on Prime Day is crucial for many merchants. It can be a make-or-break day for retailers like Petcube that use the Amazon marketplace as the primary channel for online sales. Given the high stakes, Petcube puts considerable effort into getting things right.

The retailer bought ads for sponsored products, sponsored brands and display ads. Petcube also “optimized heavily for keywords and spending,” Klen said. “We take pride in developing a super-efficient automated script that pulls all of our key metrics into a designated spreadsheet hourly throughout Prime and dedicated managers monitor the performance 24/7 on those two days.”


Amazon aggregator

Petcube likely isn’t the only merchant pleased with its Prime Day 2023 performance.

Amazon said the first day of this year’s Prime Day event was the biggest ever for third-party merchants on the marketplace.

For example, Thrasio Holdings Inc., an investment company that has purchased a number of Amazon merchants, said some of its brands had their best days ever during the event.

“These were the two most profitable days in Thrasio history,” Thrasio CEO Greg Greeley said in a written statement.


Thrasio’s latest acquisition — a seller of insect-repellent spray called Ranger Ready Repellents — had a record-breaking day on Amazon and tripled its Prime Day 2022 sales.

Amazon’s Prime Day event is limited to members of its paid Prime loyalty program. Benefits of the program include free one-day shipping for a variety of items.

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