Our 2023 Annual Fulfillment Report examines how online retailers are adapting to consumers’ heightened expectations for fast and free delivery, the role of 3PL and 4PL providers, and the latest technologies in inventory management.

Explore our exclusive shopper survey results conducted by Digital Commerce 360 and Bizrate Insights that detail why free shipping and free returns are key points in deciding where consumers make online purchases.

Who are the leaders in fulfillment and what sets them apart? The 2023 Annual Fulfillment Report has the answers and outlines market trends that help retailers and fulfillment operators understand the state of fulfillment today.

The 2023 Annual Fulfillment Report also includes over 15 data-packed charts and graphs, real-life case studies on Palouse Brand, a family farm in Washington state selling direct to consumers online and apparel retailer, Psycho Bunny.

Compliments of: Melissa, Vargo, Fluent Commerce, Saddle Creek, Auctane

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