B2B companies have learned that they must keep up with B2B digital technology to win online. As B2B ecommerce technology vendors build out their platforms to support broader and more helpful digital ecosystems, online B2B sellers use this technology to bring more value to their customers via unified commerce — the next level of highly personalized, helpful ecommerce.

This new report, Pacing B2B Ecommerce Trends, compiles the insights of several industry experts on how the latest digital technology, including AI, helps companies forge ahead rather than fall behind.

It reveals how technology and strategy developments, including unified commerce and AI, are helping B2B companies improve the customer experience and build a future course for growing sales.

By adopting the latest technology, B2B companies can gain a competitive edge and improve their bottom line. Download our Report today and receive insight on:

  • how to make a business case for new, integrated technology deployments
  • learning how to incorporate AI technology and strategies to take digital commerce, marketing, and related operations to higher performance levels
  • the benefit of using an integrated digital commerce technology ecosystem
  • how B2B companies are using unified commerce and AI to boost CX and sales

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