Total ecommerce sales vs. total retail sales in North America

Online retail sales grew much faster than total retail sales during the pandemic, significantly increasing the ecommerce penetration of retail in the United States, Canada and Mexico. Taking the three North American countries together, ecommerce grew by a compound annual growth rate of XX% from 2019-2022 versus XX% for all retail sales. The disparity was especially pronounced in Mexico, where online grew by XX% annually versus only XX% for total retail. Boosted by trillions of dollars in government stimulus checks, both total retail and ecommerce grew steadily in the U.S. during the pandemic. Results were more mixed in Canada and Mexico. But across the board, online grew faster than total retail, and that shows up in ecommerce, representing a substantially higher portion of North American retail sales, XX% in 2022 versus XX% in 2019. In the U.S., Ecommerce penetration by country, 2019-2022 the market with the highest ecommerce penetration, online represented XX% of total retail sales in 2022 versus XX% in 2019. Digital Commerce 360 excludes from its calculation of retail penetration items rarely purchased online. This includes spending at restaurants and bars and purchases of vehicles, gasoline and heating oil.

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