Retail media is expected to continue to be the fastest-growing segment of digital advertising in the coming years, according to eMarketer. And as the holiday hustle approaches, dialing into strategies that engage consumers and produce results becomes more important than ever.

The ultimate retail media strategy? Crafting a winning retail media formula for your business — then plugging it into other marketplaces as your reach grows. Find out more in our upcoming webinar with Vice President of Digital Marketing Strategy Link Walls.

In Build a Breakthrough Retail Media Strategy for the Holidays, Link will share specific scenarios in which brands struck the right balance in their retail media efforts. He’ll also discuss:

  • Recent shifts in the landscape that you need to adjust for this holiday season
  • How to increase your retail media efficiency and return on ad spend
  • Recommendations for advertising on Amazon, eBay, Walmart and other retail media networks

Join us and gain best practices to make this your most successful holiday season yet.



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