Marketplaces are still the fastest-growing channel in ecommerce today. Digital Commerce 360 research shows total gross merchandise volume (GMV) at the Top 100 marketplaces across the globe grew 2.9% in 2022 to $3.2 trillion. Although this growth rate signifies a substantial decrease compared to the remarkable 17.7% growth witnessed in 2021, it is undeniably still indicative of progress.

Explore our strategic analysis on the top online marketplaces around the world that drive more than half of global ecommerce sales. The 2023 State of Online Marketplaces Report also includes an overview of the advantage of hybrid marketplaces, the appeal of marketplaces to digitally native brands, survey results on shopper insights and 10+ charts packed with brand-new ecommerce data.

This Report also includes in-depth data on the Top 100 online marketplaces with consumer and merchant surveys and key trends for retailers and marketplace operators.

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