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Invensis is a leading provider of eCommerce services that help businesses to sell their products and services online. We have been delivering customized eCommerce solutions to companies worldwide since 2000. Over these years, we have assisted our clients in order processing, order fulfillment, shipping, customer service, catalog management, finance and accounting, digital marketing, etc. Invensis offers an all-in-one eCommerce solution that enables businesses to increase sales, build brand awareness and customer retention, and reduce issues and complaints, resulting in greater customer satisfaction. We help your business with everything from pre-purchase inquiries to order issues to exchanges and returns. Our eCommerce support services are designed to manage your online business to achieve potential sales growth and provide adequate customer support.




Invensis Inc. 1000 N West Street, Suite 1200, DE 19801, USA.




  • Digital Marketing
  • Product Information Management (PIM)
  • Order Processing
  • ECommerce Call Center
  • Photo Editing
  • Accounting & Reconciliation

Products & Services

  • E-commerce Platforms
  • Content and Inventory Management
  • Marketplace Management
  • Consultants

Typical Pricing

The cost of outsourcing eCommerce services depends on the FT model, based on the project size and requirements.


  • Groupon
  • Petflow
  • Millwork City
  • Shopmatic
  • Aeroforce Logistics LLC
  • DWG

Partnerships & Certifications

  • ISO Certified 9001:2015
  • ISO Certified 27001:2017
  • Ecommerce Platforms:
  • Shopify
  • Magento
  • WooCommerce
  • BigCommerce
  • Yahoo Stores


  • Arvind Rongala, CEO
  • Aayushi Johari, Marketing Executive
  • Vijay Kumar, SEO Manager

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Invensis has been our growth partner, helping us grow our ecommerce business multifold. Their managed ecommerce services have helped place us on the ecommerce landscape, ensuring a continuous stream of interested shoppers. Their outsourcing services have allowed us to focus on growing our brand while they handle the day-to-day operations. We highly recommend them.
Ivy Sanchez
CMO, Leading eCommerce Platform in US
Invensis has been a game-changer for our ecommerce business. Their team of experts has helped us streamline our operations and increase our online sales. We have been working with Invensis for several months now and have been extremely pleased with the results. Their team is professional and dedicated, and they have helped us improve our online presence.
Kat Lopez
Senior Manager - Operations, Leading Retail Company in Canada