071923_Tradecentric_Connected_CSP_BlastCoverManufacturers and distributors face a significant growth opportunity through B2B connected commerce, integrating procurement, ecommerce, and other electronic commerce systems to increase customer loyalty and sales by making multichannel purchasing easier and more effective for buyers. But while more buyers demand connected commerce, many B2B sellers still need to develop their commerce systems to enable it and avoid falling behind their more connected competitors.

This report, “Understanding B2B Supplier Ecommerce Maturity and Digital Success,” sheds light on how companies are moving along the B2B ecommerce maturity curve and evolving toward connected commerce. Brought to you by TradeCentric and Digital Commerce 360, this exclusive research report covers connected commerce strategies of several companies with successful B2B ecommerce strategies. It shows findings of never seen before data of more than 120 B2B organizations regarding their connected commerce readiness amid strong demand among buyers for connected commerce.

Highlights include:

  • Exclusive results analysis from a survey of more than 120 B2B organizations on their readiness plans for connected commerce.
  • Gain perspective on the pivotal role e-procurement and punchout play in successfully implementing connected commerce.
  • Learn how to overcome challenges for connected commerce and generate a true ROI.
  • Learn best practices for doing connected commerce right each time.

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